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We have recently been seeing lots of folks falling victim to “hacking” of devices whether it’s a desktop, laptop or phone, if you do not surf the web with a privacy protection tool, you are vulnerable to attacks like information theft and even someone controlling your devices. Integrity Device Repair always recommends using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect all your devices…when you are at home, you can use the expressVPN aircove router to protect the whole family while on wi-fi in the house.  when you are outside, make sure your expressVPN is on and connected and this will make sure that no one can access your sensitive information through your devices.
ExpressVPN Aircove is the first Wi-Fi 6 router with built-in* VPN protection. Now with parental controls and other advanced protection features, Aircove helps secure all your devices—even smart home appliances and gaming consoles that can’t install VPN software. Smart TV? Voice assistant? If it’s connected, it’s protected.